Have you tried the helicopter game lately?

If you are bored while using very same old match you generally perform over the much more well-liked gaming internet sites, then why not test the helicopter game? If you are searching for something new, then the helicopter game should be to suit your needs.

So what’s while using helicopter game?

Do not expect excellent graphics to suit your needs will not likely see one. You won't see rockets and missiles shooting off the Blackhawk or Comanche mainly because you're neither playing with such helicopters. You is not going to carry heavy artilleries during the match. You will not have any mission to take or save men and women for terrorists inside the most remote locations on earth. And you is not going to even need to worry about the controls for the missiles, the take off, and also the maneuvers for you will by no means going to need to have it.

What you can get is a uncomplicated 2-D graphic interface taking you back a couple of decades ago... Getting the picture? If not try to imagine the legendary Pacman. Yah, yah... no monsters here but the graphic is comparatively the exact same (if not precisely the exact same).

The helicopter game is usually a uncomplicated flash video game using a basic mission: to get as a lot of points as you could although avoiding walls and trying not to hit the upper and the lower borders or the tunnel-like terrain. You fly which includes a 2-centimeter helicopter (that comes wit a blue rotor, I wonder what is its model) that goes up and down which includes a click in the mouse. Anyway, the smoke on the tail of the helicopter is just an effect. You do not need to be troubled about it.


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